• ‪Develop high volume, highly scalable server-side features utilizing Windows Server, SQL server, IIS, .NET
  • ‪Develop web services supporting game console clients, browser clients, and external server clients.‬
  • ‪Understand and develop optimal network and server topologies composed of heterogeneous server types, load balancers, databases, NATs, routers, etc.‬
  • ‪Develop highly reliable distributed server systems.‬
  • ‪Tune real-time server systems for reliability and performance.‬


  • ‪Minimum 5+ years of experience developing enterprise level applications with C#.NET
  • ‪Experience with .NET, IIS, and SQL server‬
  • ‪Good “can do” attitude with a service oriented personality.‬
  • ‪Direct experience coding networking systems and solving networking problems.‬
  • ‪Being versatile and regularly proving a readiness to tackle new challenges.‬
  • ‪A passion for playing and making games!‬

Shortlisted candidates will be offered a 1 year agency contract