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  • To perform system administrator support for BIGFIX Patching to ensure high availability, security and performance
  • Perform patch management using Bigfix
  • Maintain patch management server/relay/scheduler by perform timely patching and testing
  • Patch testing on non-production machines
  • Perform software packaging and distribution services
  • Provide documentation and patch summary report
  • Perform contingency plan in case of software distribution failure

  • Installation of BigFix agent on all windows-based client and configure to receive patches from BigFix console server.
  • Creating computer groups on console based on computer categories and their patching schedule.
  • Manage and administrate the patch download form Microsoft and bundle them for distribution.
  • Troubleshooting the client machine and server console connectivity.
  • Generating ad hoc basis and periodic reports on patch compliance on computer or patch basis.
  • Help and manage to schedule patch distribution and reboot of computers / computer groups.


  • Diploma / Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related discipline with 3-5 years relevant experience
  • Experience in Bigfix Patch Management Technical/Customer Support
  • Expertise in patch management of IBM Servers through Bigfix Patch Management Utility
  • Proficiency in reporting as required through Bigfix Console as well as Bigfix Web Reports ID
  • Proficiency in Patch Management in Bigfix Patch management utility
  • Specializing in Bigfix - Analysis creation, Patch Management, Fixlets Creation, Health Check using SCA