• Provide support requirements at customer’s site. This includes installation, repair, servicing, liaising and maintenance of solutions in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure customer satisfaction and service operation are achieved.
  • Conduct installations based on customer’s requirements and company specifications, from site inspections through to final sign-off and acceptance.
  • Diagnose and perform repairs on equipment and solutions and ensure that relevant updates and patches are applied accordingly on-site or remote diagnostic procedures at customer’s sites.
  • Initiate escalation procedures and follow up on all open requests of allocated sites to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Manage and maintain daily operations of IT services on the installation, configuration and set-up of all new computer equipment
  • Establish and maintain office network accessibility and troubleshooting
  • Devices supported under Desktop Support Scope include:

i) Desktops. ii) Notebooks. iii) Phones (IP Phones). iv) Printers. v) Video & Conference tools.

  • Support Tools : Symantec Altris / Office 365 / Windows 7 and Windows 10


  • At least 2 - 3 years of relevant experience in Desktop Support functions.
  • Experienced and trained in desktop and laptops troubleshooting, simple LAN trouble shooting, familiar with Windows OS for Desktop Computers.

Shortlisted candidates will be offered a 2 Years Agency Contract employment.