• Responsible for ensuring quality of research and maintaining control over. He/She will collaborate with various Principal Investigators in their respective research projects to incorporate best practices. He/She will also work with the Co-Principal Investigators & researchers.
  • Ensure research best practices & manage research quality. This includes complying to Best Practices in software development;
  • Collaborate with various Principal Investigators in their respective research projects, including publishing & reviewing of scientific papers, filing technical disclosures & patents;
  • Provide technical guidance in for A.I and Computational Intelligence.
  • Responsible for hosting regular Technology Forum/Exchange to proliferate intellectual property across Product lines. This includes engaging Product Engineering teams to facilitate the adoption of IP;
  • On limited basis, engage customers to explain the rationale of R&D;
  • Contribution to organizational development thru sharing of technologies & best practices.


  • Doctorate degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent.
  • Experienced Research Scientist in software technologies, with significant research/science journal credentials;
  • Have prior working experience in R&D environment.
  • Specialty in advanced technologies such as A.I., edge intelligence, augmented reality and robotics.
  • Relevant experience with substantial R&D in A.I. and/or Computational Intelligence
  • Strong R&D experience.

Shortlisted candidates will be offered a Permanent / 1 Year Direct Contract employment.