• Maintain high standards of software quality and establishing good S/W practices within the team
  • Responsible for the design of underlying architecture of the software application
  • Collate and manage software documentations
  • Manage software version and configuration control
  • Manage software change request and road maps
  • Conduct review of solutions, design and related source code with the team
  • Develop software in Linux environment
  • Port C/C++ software in Windows from/to Linux
  • Manage and lead software development towards successful project delivery (Scope of the Lead / Senior Software Engineer role)


  • Degree in EEE Engineering or Computer Engineering
  • More than 5 years in leading Software development and software programming
  • Lucia Programming
  • Programming languages: C++,C# & Java languages
  • Database knowledge
  • Programing experience with WPF, MVC pattern
  • Familiar with Apache Thrift software framework
  • Web-based development (Javascript/html/apache)
  • Network programming knowledge to setup end-end connectivity (e.g 4G/Wi-Fi)
  • Parasoft Code Testing
  • Candidates with GIS experience will be considered for the Software Engineer role (2 Years Direct Contract)

Shortlisted candidates will be considered for Permanent / 2 Years Direct Contract employment.