• Involved in the entire software development life cycle including application development, implementation, maintenance and post-implementation review
  • Assist in integration testing which include diagnosing program defects, integration and performance issues and to recommend and carry out necessary follow-ups.
  • Responsible for unit tests wherever appropriate and functional testing
  • CTO to “act” as scrum master – short daily stand-ups – must be hands-on


  • Java, JSON, RESTful, Postgres, stateless services, micro services, event-mesh architecture, kafka and/or solace vmr
  • All development of back-end services to be done in Java. Suggesting Open JDK 11
  • Must be able to be admin locally on development machines
  • To disable the ‘update’ and ‘delete’ from the db, allowing a true, append-only, never-delete schema and traceability - tbc
  • Event-driven mesh based on JMS protocol (Solace VMR )

Shortlisted candidates will be offered a 1 Year Agency Contract employment.