• Assist to establish the direction for the IT/Engineering architecture, standards, design and implementation approaches of an Open Digital Platform (ODP) for smart estates system solutions.
  • Work with partners to integrate technology verticals into the ODP.
  • Develop data communication protocols between autonomous systems, robotics and IoT systems.
  • Design and develop protocols adapters.
  • Research, design, evaluate and develop technical requirements and specifications.
  • Develop test cases and test required software modules and APIs.
  • Conduct POCs and trial for identified use cases.


  • Degree in Engineering/Computer Engineering or equivalent
  • Skilled in developing firmware for microcontrollers, sensors and other relevant electronics technologies
  • Familiar with IoT Architecture.
  • Familiar with Data Distribution Services (DDS).
  • Understanding of close-loop control systems.
  • Good programming skills in C/C++
  • Familiarity with OPC, Modbus, BACnet, DALI, DMX, LoRA or DSRC will be a bonus.
  • Mechatronics knowledge as well as Robotics Operating System (eg ROS) will be a bonus.