• Build and design backend services for a large scale digital platform to be deployed on cloud platforms (e.g. Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS)
  • Practise and encourage best practices such as TDD, OO design patterns and SOLID principles
  • Write high quality and maintainable code with a security-first mindset
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders to refine product requirements


  • 3+ years of software development experience in C# / Java
  • Experienced with deploying RESTful APIs to production
  • Experienced with Agile development practices
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Experience with .NET Framework or Core, and associated toolsets / frameworks
  • Experience with CQRS and Event sourcing
  • Knowledge of .NET, C# Experience with working high performance data access layers on top of a SQL or NoSQL Database
  • Experience in Cybersecurity, with relevant certifications such as CISSP/CCSP or equivalent
  • Experience as a Data Protection Officer or trained in Personal Data Protection Act(PDPA)
  • Experience in database administration and design
  • Knowledge of Domain Driven Design is highly preferred
  • Experience with Cloud environments
  • Experience with DevOps practices