Execute Database Administration Service Levels

  • Monitor database performance and usage, including response times
  • Supervise the maintenance of corporate databases including backup, database optimising, re-indexing, initiating recovery procedures and routine troubleshooting
  • Communicate regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security
  • Design required summary or aggregation tables to support analyses
  • Determine the database short- and long-term requirements
  • Manage database report production

Advise on Database Capabilities

  • Advise senior leaders on database concepts and functional capabilities
  • Provide technical advice to the team and clients for installation, setup, configuration of databases practices
  • Implement plans to make database available to users in a shared, secure and controlled manner

Develop New Databases

  • Lead the development of new databases as per the business requirements
  • Design security and data integrity controls
  • Conduct new database testing
  • Define the database maintenance procedures
  • Analyse the use of new databases to identify enhancement needs
  • Lead research initiatives for the development of advances and automated approaches for database administration

Optimise Database Performance

  • Seek opportunities to optimise the delivery of database services with emphasis on availability, reliability, scalability, and security
  • Conduct regular database audits and maintenance
  • Develop automated processes to define, measure, and report on service quality, stability and capacity

Resolve Issues

  • Oversee the assessment of risks to databases
  • Identify complex database issues to provide advisory to the stakeholders
  • Investigate cause of database issues
  • Resolve complex issues
  • Provide escalation support for issues presented by the user


  • Strong Technical Competency in Database Administration, SQL, Oracle, etc
  • Many years in leading large and complex environment
  • Proficiency in PL/SQL on data queries
  • Understand Database schema, topology, indexes, etc in detail
  • Experience with upgrading large databases upgrade, SQL and Oracle
  • Understand best practices of databases configuration and security hardening
  • Past projects experience in using Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) devices – not mandatory, but it will be an added advantage
  • Possess confidence in presentation to Directors and C-level.

Shortlisted candidates will be offered a Permanent employment