Monitor security systems

  • Perform non-routine security monitoring activities
  • Perform prioritisation and allocation of security incidents
  • Track security monitoring rules and alerts
  • Compile regular reports on the performance of security operations

Maintain security operations

  • Assist with the implementation of agreed security system changes and maintenance routines
  • Assist with implementation of new security programs
  • Support vulnerability, penetration testing and assessments
  • Support the development of reports on security penetration testing results
  • Recommend security products, services and/or procedures
  • Support the alignment of security systems with established service agreement standards
  • Support the implementation of new enterprise security architecture, technologies and enhancements

Respond to queries

  • Support live response to security issues
  • Support investigation of security breaches such as forensic threat investigation
  • Support the resolution of security related issues
  • Support the simulation of user problems to identify security system drawbacks
  • Recommend security system modifications to reduce user problems

Facilitate compliance

  • Assist with the implementation security policies, procedures and programs
  • Educate users on the security standards and practices
  • Identify improvement areas to existing security policies and procedures
  • Deliver user training

Optimise security system performance

  • Support piloting of new tools, technologies, and processes as well as installation of hardware and software
  • Support security system testing and ongoing optimisation or changes such as scheduled upgrades and updates * Maintain documentation of all optimisation activities
  • Suggest improvements to operational processes, procedure manuals, and documentation


  • Diploma or degree in Computer Systems

Shortlisted candidates will be offered a 1 Year Agency Contract employment.